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  1. Miele BOOSTCX1CAT_DOG Cat & Dog Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Obsidian Black
    Rapid delivery Available
  2. Miele BOOSTCX1 Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Lotus White
    Rapid delivery Available
  3. Miele C3FLEX_CAT_DOG Complete Flex Cat & Dog Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Red
    Rapid delivery Available
  4. Miele CX1COMFORT Blizzard Comfort Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - White
    Now £409.00 Was £499.00 Save £90.00
    Rapid delivery Available
  5. Numatic 910323 Henry Vacuum Cleaner
    Rapid delivery Available
  6. Bosch BGL38BA3GB Serie 4 Proeco 850W Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Black
    Now £149.99 Was £198.99 Save £49.00
    Rapid delivery Available
  7. Bosch BGBS4HYGGB Serie 4 Prohygienic 600W 4.5Kg Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - White
    Rapid delivery Available
  8. Bosch BGBS2BA1GB Serie 2 Proeco 600W 3Kg Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Black
    Rapid delivery Available
  9. Miele CX1BLIZ_CAT_DOG Blizzard Comfort Cat & Dog Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Grey
    Rapid delivery Available
  10. Miele C1FLEX Classic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
    Rapid delivery Available
  11. Miele DUSTBAG U HYCLEAN 3D Vacuum Dustbag U Hyclean 3D (Green) 10123250
    Rapid delivery Available
  12. Miele DUSTBAG FJM HYCLEAN 3D Vacuum Dustbag FJM Hyclean 3D (red) 09917710
    Rapid delivery Available
  13. Miele C2CAT_DOG Complete Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
    Rapid delivery Available
  14. Sebo 92625CI Airbelt E1 Arctic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Blue
    Rapid delivery Available
  15. Sebo 92621CI Airbelt E1 Arctic Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - White
    Rapid delivery Available
  16. Sebo 91503GB 890W X7 Red Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Rapid delivery Available
  17. Sebo 92662GB Airbelt K1 Pro ePower Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
    Rapid delivery Available
  18. Sebo 91533GB Automatic X7 Pro ePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Rapid delivery Available
  19. Miele 10661230 Blizzard CX1 Parquet PowerLine Black
    Now £300.00 Was £349.00 Save £49.00
  20. Miele 10660760 Complete C2 Allergy Tech Blue
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Floorcare Products

We know every home deserves the best floor care. That's why we offer a wide range of cheap floorcare products without compromising on quality. Handpicked by trusted brands, including Bosch, Miele, and more, these brands are renowned not only for their innovative designs but also for their emphasis on quality and durability.

Floorcare Products in Hampshire for Every Need

Our online store showcases an array of floorcare appliances available across Hampshire, including exemplary models of both cylinder and upright vacuums, to ensure that you find exactly what you need.

Cylinder Vacuums are compact and lightweight, making them highly manoeuvrable and suitable for cleaning stairs, upholstery, and hard-to-reach areas. This type of vacuum is ideal for homes with diverse floor types and spaces.

Upright Vacuums, on the other hand, offer robust suction and typically have larger dust capacities. Their design makes them perfect for covering large flat areas and providing deep cleaning for carpets.

Our selection of discounted floorcare appliances in Andover provides you with an opportunity to secure top-of-the-line vacuum cleaners at competitive prices. Take advantage of our online deals that ensure you're cleaning your floors with high-quality equipment without breaking your budget.

Why Choose Big-Brand Floorcare Appliances?

Investing in big-name brands for floorcare appliances, like Bosch or Miele, comes with numerous perks:

  • Proven Performance: Top brands provide reliable, durable vacuums based on extensive R&D and rigorous testing.
  • Innovative Features: They invest in the advanced and latest technology, offering modern features for efficient cleaning.
  • Spare Parts Availability: You get easy access to spare parts and accessories for maintaining and repairing your vacuum.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Exceptional customer support, extended warranties, and responsive after-sales services are guaranteed.
  • High Resale Value: Big-name vacuums retain a higher resale value, providing you with an extra benefit when you decide to upgrade.

Choosing a big-brand floorcare appliance ensures quality, innovation, and satisfaction. We give you the best of these brands tailored to your budget and needs.

Our Price Match Guarantee on All Floorcare Products in Andover

We're committed to bringing you the best value for your money, even when it comes to purchasing top-named brands. That's exactly why we offer a price match guarantee on our extensive selection of floorcare appliances. We diligently keep an eye on competitor prices to ensure we provide the most competitive deals on leading brands. 

If you discover the same product offered at a lower price elsewhere, just inform us, and we'll make every effort to match or even outdo that price. Our Price Match Guarantee allows you to access top-notch brands at unbeatable prices without sacrificing quality. So, if 'you're looking for the latest in floorcare technology, order our products online or visit our showroom and get the best floorcare in Hampshire.